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For all you Guitar Folk… Let us know if you win!!!

Jerry Cantrell Guitar & BBE Sonic Stomp Giveaway

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JACKPOT! Free Web Templates

I just hit the jackpot, folks, with a bundle of free templates for everything from websites to landing pages to video landing pages to squeeze pages to internet marketing reports. All free, and you are not even asked to give your e-mail address in order to receive them! Happy New Year Everyone!
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Money = Time = Music

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for taking your time to read this post.
Let me first ask you this: how important is money to you? If you are a musician, then I hope that your response is, “Very important!” If you are not a musician, then I hope that your response is, “Very important!” Just replace the word “music” with your passion while reading this post.

Why “Very important!” ? Because money equals time which equals music you can create and deliver (online, or through CDs or performances). If you have a passion for creating music, then you have been given a gift that needs to be shared with the world. Time is our most precious commodity. I suspect that you need more time for your music, right?

Second question: how many hours of your week do you spend not creating music, but rather earning your living (home, food, clothing, auto, etc…) ? So then, how much time does that leave you for music? If you are like me, about three hours per week. Definitely not enough.

If you had more money, how could you apply the extra funds to your music? Go ahead, share!
Personally, let’s see, first, more money would grant more time to WRITE. That’s a biggy. Also, I would repair my violin ($1500), purchase an electric violin ($1000), record many more songs (15 x $3000 per song), re-print my debut album ($2500, currently sold out), print second album ($2500), print third album ($2500), and the list goes on. So you see, more money would be a BIG help. How would more money help you as it applies to your passion?

Finally, I want to ask you, do you think that you can become wealthy? Either way, yes or no, you’re right. The Universe is abundant. The Universe has everything that you need to become wealthy – you just have to unravel the hidden clues and find it. If everyone in the world put forth the effort and, most importantly, the right MINDSET, to becoming wealthy, I believe that everyone in the world can become wealthy.

So, now onto what this blog is about…
With the support of you and the Sell More Music Online blog community, this blog aims to become an interactive blog for independent musicians. This blog will explore a multitude of ways we all can earn a GREAT living in less time (than our current day job), which will, in turn, create more time for our music. Some of these posts will be informational, some experimental, but all of them will be FUN! As this blog’s name implies, some of the information will be directly related to selling more music online. Tips, tools, and tricks of the online marketing trade will be offered. Other information will offer possible ways we can earn passive income, so that we may have more time for our music. Finally, I hope to uncloak those hidden clues to wealth. How about you? Will you join us in our quest?

As another fun element of the Sell More Music Online blog, it will feature YOU, independent artists, and your music. If you would like to be a featured artist, please send an e-mail to with “Featured Artist” in the subject line.

And remember, the world needs your music!

Musically yours,

p.s. I came across some free internet marketing training videos here:, that offers some useful marketing tips and tools. Go grab them while they are still available online. You may be promoted some other marketing products. I did buy both the Write Your Pay and the Traffic Bootcamp, both of which over-delivered and blew my mind with an abundance of new information. I highly recommend these two products. They are worth more than what you will pay for them. I didn’t buy any of the others, but maybe you would like to try some of the others out and report back to our community what you thought of them?
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Be ready to learn!

Giggle with the Goats!

Happy Holidays Everyone – Giggle with the Goats!

Be Distinct

The person who follows the crowd,

will usually get no further than the crowd.

The person who walks alone

is likely to find oneself in places

no one has ever been before.

Creativity in living is not without its attendant difficulties,

for peculiarity often breeds contempt.

And the unfortunate thing about being

ahead of your time is that

when people finally realize you were right,

they’ll say it was obvious all along.

You have two choices in life:

You can dissolve into the mainstream,

or you can be distinct.

To be distinct, you must always strive

to be what no one else but you can be.

—Author Unknown

—from John Ryan & Company – November 1983

Which one are you? How are you distinct?


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