Hi Everyone,

I am reading an internet marketing resource- and idea-packed book by Marc Ostrofsky entitled Get Rich Click!, and it drummed up in me an entrepreneurial idea.

Have you heard of the .mobi extension? As defined by Wikipedia, .mobi is “a top-level domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet… used by mobile devices for accessing Internet resources via the Mobile Web.” So basically, a .mobi webpage is designed to be a heckuvva lot easier to read on your mobile device than a basic .com webpage. In further research, I read that usage of the Internet using mobile devices is going to surpass desktop usage by 2014, and that if companies don’t have a .mobi option for their website, they’ll be left behind.

So what crazy thing did I do next? You got that right – I hopped over to GoDaddy and “invested” in 25 .mobi domains. At only $6.99/each, I think I’ll hold on to them a few years, then, when the time is ripe, sell them for five or ten grand a piece. Not too shabby an investment, ej?

Thanks for reading this post. I continue to explore internet marketing and come across useful tips and resources everyday. If any of your friends want internet money-making ideas tossed their way, please send them to this blog, http://www.sellmoremusiconline.wordpress.com, and have them sign up to receive notifications in the upper-right hand corner.

Okay, now I think I’ll hop on over to GoDaddy and pick up another 15 .mobi domains… or maybe 20…

Have an amazing entrepreneurial day, Everyone!

🙂 Shawn

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