With the support of you and the Sell More Music Online blog community, this blog aims to become an interactive blog for independent musicians. This blog will explore a multitude of ways we all can earn a GREAT living in less time (than our current day job), which will, in turn, create more time for our music. Some of these posts will be informational, some experimental, but all of them will be FUN! As this blog’s name implies, some of the information will be directly related to selling more music online. Tips, tools, and tricks of the online marketing trade will be offered. Other information will offer possible ways we can earn passive income, so that we may have more time for our music. Finally, I hope to uncloak those hidden clues to wealth. How about you? Will you join us in our quest?

As another fun element of the Sell More Music Online blog, it will feature independent artists and their music from time to time. If you would like to be a featured artist, please send an e-mail to shawn@sellmoremusiconline.com with “Featured Artist” in the subject line.

And remember, the world needs your music!

Musically yours,