Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I have posted, but I have lately been engrossed in learning all about Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. More on those later…

Today’s focus is on

ClixSense is an advertising exchange where, as a free member, you get paid simply for viewing websites. Now, I know getting paid $.02 for viewing a website does not seem worth your time. Here’s where ClixSense becomes profitable…

In addition to getting paid for the websites you view, if you refer your friends to do the same, you get paid for the websites they view. You can build a downline EIGHT levels deep. This is where you can start earning some serious dough. And often, ClixSense runs bonus ads whereby you can earn up to 5$ from the prizes given every second.

I have just started with ClixSense, so I don’t have any jaw-dropping stats as of yet to share with you, but it is easy to see how, with patience and tenacity, earnings can add up easily using ClixSense.

So, here’s the easy way to get started with ClixSense:

1. Sign up for your free ClixSense account

2. Tell all your friends to sign up (under you) by accessing your account and clicking on the Affiliates tab -> Invite Friends

(this will automatically include your affiliate code into the messages you send)

3. View websites on ClixSense

4. Take advantage of the fun offers on ClixSense

So there you have it! Now, go sign up for your free ClixSense account HERE!

Okay, I’m headed out for a walk…

To your success,

🙂 Shawn