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Hi Everyone,

As some of you know, I’ve been reading a lot about internet marketing in the last few months, and one of the best books I’ve read so far is Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky. This book is chock FULL of ideas and resources.

If you would like to explore the world of internet marketing, and possibly find a way to earn a living at it, Get Rich Click is the first book to get you started.

Happy reading and clicking!

To Your Success,



Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I have posted, but I have lately been engrossed in learning all about Traffic Exchanges and Safelists. More on those later…

Today’s focus is on

ClixSense is an advertising exchange where, as a free member, you get paid simply for viewing websites. Now, I know getting paid $.02 for viewing a website does not seem worth your time. Here’s where ClixSense becomes profitable…

In addition to getting paid for the websites you view, if you refer your friends to do the same, you get paid for the websites they view. You can build a downline EIGHT levels deep. This is where you can start earning some serious dough. And often, ClixSense runs bonus ads whereby you can earn up to 5$ from the prizes given every second.

I have just started with ClixSense, so I don’t have any jaw-dropping stats as of yet to share with you, but it is easy to see how, with patience and tenacity, earnings can add up easily using ClixSense.

So, here’s the easy way to get started with ClixSense:

1. Sign up for your free ClixSense account

2. Tell all your friends to sign up (under you) by accessing your account and clicking on the Affiliates tab -> Invite Friends

(this will automatically include your affiliate code into the messages you send)

3. View websites on ClixSense

4. Take advantage of the fun offers on ClixSense

So there you have it! Now, go sign up for your free ClixSense account HERE!

Okay, I’m headed out for a walk…

To your success,

🙂 Shawn

Hi Indies,

Check out these new free Facebook apps, provided through Reverbnation.

ReverbNation Launches Facebook Apps, Helps Musicians Rock the Timeline

If you’re not yet registered on ReverbNation, it’s free, so why not? You can also sell your merch through the Reverbnation store without having any INVENTORY. Pretty cool. Your merch is made to order and you keep 100% of the profits.

Enjoy these free Facebook Apps!

To Your Success,



If you would like to be considered as a Featured Artist on the

Sell More Music Online blog, please send a request e-mail to:

with “Featured Artist” in the subject line.



Hi Everyone,

I am reading an internet marketing resource- and idea-packed book by Marc Ostrofsky entitled Get Rich Click!, and it drummed up in me an entrepreneurial idea.

Have you heard of the .mobi extension? As defined by Wikipedia, .mobi is “a top-level domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System of the Internet… used by mobile devices for accessing Internet resources via the Mobile Web.” So basically, a .mobi webpage is designed to be a heckuvva lot easier to read on your mobile device than a basic .com webpage. In further research, I read that usage of the Internet using mobile devices is going to surpass desktop usage by 2014, and that if companies don’t have a .mobi option for their website, they’ll be left behind.

So what crazy thing did I do next? You got that right – I hopped over to GoDaddy and “invested” in 25 .mobi domains. At only $6.99/each, I think I’ll hold on to them a few years, then, when the time is ripe, sell them for five or ten grand a piece. Not too shabby an investment, ej?

Thanks for reading this post. I continue to explore internet marketing and come across useful tips and resources everyday. If any of your friends want internet money-making ideas tossed their way, please send them to this blog,, and have them sign up to receive notifications in the upper-right hand corner.

Okay, now I think I’ll hop on over to GoDaddy and pick up another 15 .mobi domains… or maybe 20…

Have an amazing entrepreneurial day, Everyone!

🙂 Shawn

Get Noticed with a $7.99 .COM or .CO!

Take note, Music Lovers, Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Guitarist/Bassist/Producer 

Jim O’Neill is in town!


Layin’ Down Sideways 


Rise and Shine 

Jim speaks on his Successes:

“I built a home studio in 2008; this is where I do most of my recording work. I primarily use Ableton Live, ProTools and Reason in the studio and on stage. I’ve been surrounded by so many amazing musicians over the years that it’s hard to list everyone, but as of late, I have had the privilege of working with these fine folks: Alison Scott, Kevin Bowe, Steve Price, Peter Anderson, Freedy Johnston, Brian Just, Justin Hartke, Mark O’Day, Greg Schutte, Aaron McCabe, Michael McGarthwaite, Josie Schmitt, Michael Sutton, Ryan Traster, just to name a few… During my childhood, I was very fortunate to study with pianist Jimmy Hamilton for many years; I credit him immensely for providing me with a strong musical foundation.”


Jim O’Neill is a Twin Cities musician who sings, plays keyboards, guitars, bass and produces independent albums. He provides organ/keyboard/backing vocals in the Alison Scott Band. He leads his own band, The Brain Clouds. He occasionally has the pleasure of playing keyboards for Freedy Johnston. Jim is also the bassist in the Brian Just Band, a group he produced and recorded between 2010 – 2011. Their album, “If You Like To Be Alone, Or If You Need To Be With Someone,” has received wonderful reviews and the single “Electric” gained loads of airplay on 89.3-The Current. Their live performance of “Electric” on The Local Show was chosen to be featured on The Current’s 2012 “Local Sampler: Volume 2.” Jim also works as a session musician for Platinum-selling producer Kevin Bowe.

Check out Jim O’Neill’s website

Upcoming Shows

 2/16/11 – Jim O’Neill & The Brain Clouds @ The Depot, Minneapolis, MN

2/26/11, 3/16/11, 3/17/11- Alison Scott Band, @ The Dakota, Minneapolis, MN

If you would like to be considered as a Featured Artist on the

Sell More Music Online blog, please send a request e-mail to:

with “Featured Artist” in the subject line.

Featuring… Postina

Heart In Mine
Letting Go

“Minneapolis alternarockers Postina rose to fame in the summer of 2009 when they made the finals of the Cities 97 Basilica Block Party Battle of the Bands competition only six short months after having formed. With thoughtful songwriting and energetic pop hooks, the quartet’s sound is defined by the delicate vocals of Joelle Benson and prominent bass lines of Josh Walton.

Quickly capitalizing on their initial success, the band headed to the recording studio last fall to cut their first record. The result is The Road, a six-song EP which ought to provide the next step in the band’s forward progress.” – Jeff Gage, City Pages

As for the rest of the band – Andy Root’s well-crafted guitar parts and compelling lyrics convey the depth of experience the band has lived; Dave Donovan plays the drums with an unmistakable finesse and brilliance that brings intensity to the music. In 2010 Postina welcomed Dylan Randolph, whose electronica-synth style and memorable counter melodies complement the Postina AlternaPop Rock sound and at the end of 2011 Faith Eskola began performing with Postina, adding beautifully, dramatic, classical violin and vocal harmonies to the mix.

Postina’s live performance extends beyond music with painters joining them on stage during their set making their show even more visually compelling and experiential by bringing together two synergistic forms of art.

Check out Postina’s Website

Lady Gaga’s Wig

Lady Gaga Curly Blonde Wig

Lady Gaga Curly Blonde Wig

Direct from the Haus of Gaga to you! This Lady Gaga Curly Blonde Wig is just what you need to transform yourself into a pop/fashion icon! As seen in one of her many incredible performances! This Lady Gaga Curly Blonde Wig is just what you need to transform yourself into a pop/fashion icon! The perfect element to accompany your Lady Gaga costume, this wig is one size fits most. Ages 14 and up. Order yours today!

Okay, so it’s not the sunglasses (I’ll post those later), but the wig is pretty cool, too, ej?
Per last night’s post re: Commission Junction , I easily set up a Publisher Account today and so can now promote all sorts of cool products, such as this Lady Gaga wig. The list of products is GARGANTUAN. Surely you can find a few products to compliment your website or e-mail invitations!

p.s. I just discovered that the above image is not click-able (so doesn’t take you to the “Buy” page), because WordPress auomatically removes Affiliate links. Your website, however, is likely not a WordPress blog, so you can promote whatever you like on it. As mentioned several blogs past, I too, am learning as we go!

Have fun at Commission Junction, All!

Hi Superstars!

Just came across an incredible website, Commission Junction, that will allow you to sell Lady Gaga’s (and just about anybody else’s) merch! This a goldmine, folks. Many of you have a website or blog, so why not sell merch of artists you think are awesome, and make some extra cash doing so? Quite cool. Go to this page on Commission Junction, sign up as a Publisher, and start promoting whatever products you are excited about. Maybe you have a “Favorites” page on your website displaying Smashing Pumpkins posters. Maybe at the end of one of your blog posts you write, “I am psyched to have just found these Justin Bieber napkins!” Maybe at the end of your show invitations, you write, “Cool, everyone, look at these Lady Gaga sunglasses!” The possibilities are endless. Take this opportunity to start earning extra income for yourself in an easy way.

Be inspired!

Here, Discmakers is offering a free pdf with info on building your own professional home studio.

The Home Studio Series – Yours Free.

Have a super Wednesday, Everyone!

Fresh reminders for us all… If you’re not much into becoming a millionaire, substitute “achieving goals” for any of the rich/wealthy terms. Be inspired today! ~Shawn

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